Unity Design’s April Skill Building Workshops

*Turn Phone Horizontal*

Sunday Afternoons In April, Tyler Moncrief of Unity Design will be hosting a workshop focusing on each element of being successful in the creative\business world.   He’ll be giving away ALL of his secrets that helped him stand out above the rest.

Each workshop will be completely independent of each other so attendees can register for what appeals to their needs the most, but also, all workshops will piggyback off of each other so you will learn how to tie every aspect together seamlessly.

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Workshops start at $120 each and there’s a discount for those that would like to attend multiple workshops.  By splitting up the workshops this makes sure you don’t have to waste money on stuff you aren’t interested in or spending your entire saturday sitting in one spot for forever

Each workshop is sponsored by Unity Design & The Perfect Heart and each workshop will come with a limited edition Perfect Heart shirt based on the workshop chosen.  Collect them all =)

**Disclaimer : There are no refunds on the workshop. If by any chance you can’t make it to your workshop you may transfer it to another workshop or put it towards a photography session.  The 1st step in being successful is being responsible