The Better Photography Workshop

At The Better Photography workshop I’ll be spewing out all of my secrets of shooting better.  How to use what you have to get great images. We’ll learn how to take great portraits without major camera equipment and also with major camera equipment.  This workshop is where you need to be

We’ll be going over a broad range of topics that entails

  • Framing your compositions
  • Using the enviroment to your benefit
  • Last minute decisions
  • Overcoming panic scenarios calmly
  • Upcycling everyday items as useful equipment
  • Planning shots & planning crops
  • Landing gigs and marketing your portfolio
  • How to be more than just a backdrop photographer
  • Direction and how convey to your subject what you need
  • How to photograph regular people and make them feel and look important
  • And many many more things photography related that can increase your photography skill and presence.

These are just a few of the things that make seperate great photographers from the average everyday shooter.  We’ll be touching base on those things and soooo much more.  When you leave here, you’ll be an advanced photographer.

So come join us in this Better Photography Workshop. Enhance your skills and take on the world one photo at a time
Date : April 8th, 2018

Unity Design Workshop

Unity Design Studio Space by Tyler Moncrief

All Workshops are sponsored by The Perfect Heart & Unity Design. As an attendee, you will receive a custom workshop T-Shirt based on the event you signed up for as a token from us <3

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