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So you’re interested in participating in more than one workshop?  I love your initiative in taking your life in your own hands.  These workshops are based on information that has helped me create everything that I’ve done and all of the successes that has come from them.  Having this as your “starting point” in your creative life is a great position to be in.  Do NOT let it stop here though.  Take this information and capitalize on it and add to it to make your career an even better one.  Tailor it to make your future brighter.  That’s the opportunity that Unity Design, The Perfect Heart & Tyler Moncrief is offering.  Take advantage of it

Date : Sunday 8th, 15th & 29th of April 2018

Unity Design Workshop

Unity Design Studio Space by Tyler Moncrief

All Workshops are sponsored by The Perfect Heart & Unity Design. As an attendee, you will receive a custom workshop T-Shirt based on the event you signed up for as a token from us <3

Want to learn how to make your photography more appealing?  Want to get away from those backdrops?  Tap Here

Interested in learning how to be more creative and expand your critical thinking? Check out the creativity workshop

So you want to take more than one workshop and gain all of this great knowledge huh?  Tap HERE if you’re really about improving your output