Your Host : Tyler Moncrief

Creator of the this firm Unity Design

Author of the self published book “You Need Yourself

Inventor of The Perfect Heart

Creative Director for brand Bria Larine

Throughout Tyler Moncrief’s creative career, he has been a one man show.  Not because he has to be or wants to be, but because he wants to learn how to do things and the science behind what makes things tick.  He craves the knowledge of experience.  He has mastered making the best outcomes out of worst scenarios.  It doesn’t take a million dollars to be creative, it just takes a million dollar mind to be productive.

January 2016 he self published his e-Book\audiobook titled “You Need Yourself”, which sold around 700 copies in digital and audio formats.  The book was created for people to understand the importance of “You” and the power that you hold within when it comes to accomplishing things.  It gives you a guide on how to break away from being dependent and becoming independent in your life

To lead by example and prove that the words in his book were true Moncrief then set out on the path to create his next project\business venture called “The Perfect Heart”.  He designed it all himself, handmakes each unit, does the creative advertising, marketing and all of the photography for it.  Moncrief also does the packaging and delivery of every unit as well.  As of 2018 there are now over 1000+ Perfect Hearts in circulation.  He told himself “You Need Yourself” and he proved it.

Since then he practiced his photography skill even more and he’s taken brand Bria Larine under his wing. With his help, he has turned that brand from a stagnant 10,000 views on Youtube to 2.5 Million views with many paid sponsorships and continuous ad revenue coming in

He’s a creative director that can do the all of the jobs of a creative firm and knows how to use his talents to create something likable, classic and memorable.

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