The Creativity Workshop

Key Points of this workshop will deal with planning concepts. This isn’t your average everyday planning either. This will be the extensive stuff, that’s down to the T.
We’ll cover
  • Exercises that you can do to flex your creative muscles.
  • How to think outside of the box when it comes to whatever kind of project you are thinking.
  • Pairing Audio & Visual together for an experience
  • Entertainment projects and Public projects and how to go about them
  • Creativity to help build your creative soul and awareness.
  • The difference between being “inspired by” and “copying”
  • Using what you have to make something possible
We’ll also be touching bases on so much more in this workshop.
So come join us in this Creativity Workshop. Enhance your skills and take on the world one project at a time
Date : April 8th, 2018

Unity Design Workshop

Unity Design Studio Space by Tyler Moncrief

All Workshops are sponsored by The Perfect Heart & Unity Design. As an attendee, you will receive a custom workshop T-Shirt based on the event you signed up for as a token from us <3

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