Welcome to the new home of

Unity Design Studio

40 West Howard Street
Suite 416
Pontiac, MI, 48342

10 Minutes Up The Road From The Great Lakes Crossing Outlets.

Our studio includes 1000 sq ft of white wall shooting space.   13 feet high ceilings and a North to South shooting distance of 42 feet . The entire west wall of the studio is composed of a 7ft window bay covered in white diffusion curtain.  Ideal for natural light portraiture!

Studio Rental Rates

Hourly Rental  = $50 Per Hour

Quarter Day Rental
(2.5 Hours) = $100 [Saves $12.50]

Half Day Rental
(4.5 Hours) = $150 [Saves $75.00]

Whole Day Rental
(8 Hours) = $250 [Saves $150.00]

Included in your studio rental

  • The Make Up Bar – Grab a drink and let the MUA and client do their thing before you get ready for your session.  BYOB, Drink VERY responsibly. You break anything, you buy it! Also driver’s safety is important.
  • White Desk \ Workspace – Need to check out your images before you leave?  There is a 27″ monitor for you to look at your results.  HDMI, DVI & VGA Input compatible and also a small black and white business printer.
  • Futon – Give your client somewhere to sit while they get things together
  • Backdrop Stand – Do you have a certain color you’d like to shoot.  Bring it with you! We have a stand for you to use
  • Light stands – Need support for your Strobe Light? What about your Speedlight?  No worries. We have you covered!
  • Air Conditioner – Plan on being here on a hot day?  No worries, we can keep it cool

House Rules

  • No Smoking – Take it to your car or outside and keep it there
  • No EXTREMELY Loud Music – Mon-Fri between 8am-5pm is medium volume, any other time?  High Volume if you’d like.  But not EXTREME!
  • You Break, You Buy – Contracts will be made, you cover whatever you mess up.  So think twice and act once
  • Voice Productions At Your Own Risk – There are other creatives in the building and they work just like us.  So you will hear light ambient noise in the background of your vocal recordings. Also you will hear an echo from your own voice because of the size of the studio
  • Clean Up – Clean up after yourself.  Respect the studio and the studio will love you!

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