The Creators Workshop Digital Videos

So you want to attend the workshops, but you don’t live close by?  Maybe you just can’t make it that day!  Maybe you dont learn by sitting and listening, maybe you need to rewind and hear things twice.  No worries, Unity Design & Tyler Moncrief has you completely covered!  Unity Design will be releasing a digital version of the workshops for your viewing pleasure.  You can watch it at your own leisure.  It will provide clear cut dialog, clips, breakdowns and examples.  It will cover every single thing that will be covered at the workshops.  It will also have some extra content that you won’t hear at the workshop as well.  Take this opportunity and capitalize on it and also add to it to make your dreams even bigger & better.  Tailor it to make your future brighter.  That’s the opportunity that Unity Design, The Perfect Heart & Tyler Moncrief is offering.  Take advantage of it

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Unity Design Workshop

Unity Design Studio Space by Tyler Moncrief

All Workshops are sponsored by The Perfect Heart & Unity Design. As an attendee, you will receive a custom workshop T-Shirt based on the event you signed up for as a token from us <3

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