Creating A Successful Brand Workshop

Want to learn how to build a brand and make it pop? This workshop will consist of universal information that you can apply to your brand no matter your industry
I’ll share my secrets on how I turned a $300 investment into a $30,000 business in a years time with only selling 2 products and only using myself as an employee. I’ll also share my secrets on how I helped a Youtuber turn her channel from 10,000 views to 2.5 Million views.
  • We’ll be going over how to read your target market
  • Making proper interaction between your target, you and your intended product.
  • How to advertise your product or services in a creative way that brings in interaction
  • How to properly plan ahead so you can meet deadlines
  • When to flex pricing
  • Marketing tips & tricks that normal minds don’t think about
  • We’ll touch on Social Media marketing
  • Website Planning
  • Logo Needs and choosing the right creatives for your logo
  • How to plan for years instead of months
We’ll also go over…….well, I can’t tell you everything in this post. Register for this event and come get this information that’s going to set you apart from the rest
Date : April 15th, 2018
Unity Design Workshop - March 17th – Create A Successful Brand

Unity Design Workshop

Unity Design Studio Space by Tyler Moncrief

All Workshops are sponsored by The Perfect Heart & Unity Design. As an attendee, you will receive a custom workshop T-Shirt based on the event you signed up for as a token from us <3

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